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Air Blade Hand Dryer

Air blade hand dryer adopts patent design wind knife. According to the principle of wind tunnel design, the high speed wind introduces special wind trough caused by wind tunnel effect, with extremely high winds reach rapid removal of the effect of moisture on the surface of the bottles/cans.
With lower power (high pressure blower air knife, rapid drying) instead of high power (electric heating oven drying and air compressor with nozzle - dry), it is exempt from residual stain, and becoming more energy saving.
1. Hotel: to give your customer better and more comfortable service.
2. Home: to give your family more healthy hands and save money in tissue purchase.
3. Shopping mall: to give yours customers’good impressions on nice toilet, then maybe increase customers flow.
4. Laboratory: to reduce bacteria in your hands so that makes your science more accurate.
5. Service station: to give people more comfortable service so that relaxes them.
6. Office building: to give your staff healthy and comfortable working environment.
7. Airport, subway station, railway station, motor station and so on.
8. Hospital: to reduce bacterial growth.
Oryth Industrial is leading air blade hand dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer you cheap price products and free samples. Welcome to get the quotation and buy air blade hand dryer from us!
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