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New Circular Three Sided Airflow Hepa Filter Energy Saving Extreme Air Hand Dryer

New Circular Three Sided airflow Hepa Filter Energy saving Extreme air hand dryer

Detailed description

New Circular Three Sided Airflow HEPA Filter Energy Saving Extreme Air Hand Dryer TH-9988H

Blade Air Knife Eco Electric high speed hand dryer, the Circular Hand Dryer is the intuitive hand dryer by Palmer Fixture. 

With an incredible 5 -10 seconds dry time,


Users dry their hands in a natural comfortable position without water splash-back. 

The Circular Hand Dryer utilizes water absorbing ceramic technology, which eliminates water overflow and prevents hazardous wet floors. 

The Circular hand dryer has an airspeed adjustment, on - off heater switch and dual-color LED sensor indicators for a superior hand-dry. 

The Circular blows air down and away from the user, instead of back at user and on the floor, resulting safer restroom conditions. 

The Circular Hand Dryer utilizes ergonomic design, making it the an efficient and user friendly


High speed hand dryer. Users dry their hands just like they wash them - no uncomfortable bending!

Circular airflow new arrival JET Hand Dryer, three air outlet max air speed 110m/s antibacterial coating HEPA Filter high speed hand dryer

Power Voltage: AC110~240V

Plug: Optional for Europe, US, UK, China or Australia standard plug

Rated Power: 1000~1300w

Heating Power: 550w

Motor type: Brushless DC Motor

Motor Rate (RPM): 11000~23000

Material: Antibacterial ABS

Air speed: 40~110m/s

Drying time: 5~10 seconds

Decibel level: min65 db to 78db distance 1m.

Standby energy: 3w

Time Protector: 25s

Sensor distance: 12cm

Standby indicator light: Blue

Working indicator light: red

Waterproof rate: IPX4

Antibacterial coating HEPA Filter hand dryer TH-9988H

Specification of high speed hand dryer


Antibacterial ABS plastic

Power Supply


Rated Power


Heating Power



Brushless Motor

Motor Speed

11000~23000 RPM

Standby Energy




Air Speed


Auto Running Time

within 25s



Sensor Distance


LED Light

Standby blue color, working red color

Product size: 318x185x618(mm)

Packing size: 355x235x670(mm)

Packing: 1pcs per carton

Net Weight: 9.6kgs

Gross Weight: 10.8kgs

Product advantages of high speed hand dryer

1. HEPA Filter

2. Perfume can be put into water tank to improve air quality.

3. Anti-bacterial ABS Plastic Protection on its surface.

4. Three way air outlets dry hands quickly.

5. Dual colors LED Sensor indicator

6. Build in ceramic pad which absorb water rapidly

7. Intelligent air speed adjustment,

8. Heater ON: Blow warm air all the time

9. Heater OFF: Temperature control system, heating automatic under outside temperature less than 25°C.Not heating under outside temperature more than 25°C.



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