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Blast Speedy Adjustable Easy Clean Hygiene Commercial Air Towel Blade Hand Dryer For Bathrooms

Blast Speedy Adjustable Easy Clean Hygiene Commercial Air Towel Blade Hand Dryer for Bathrooms

Detailed description

Blast Speedy Adjustable Easy Clean Hygiene Commercial Air Towel Blade Hand Dryer for Bathrooms TH-9922H

Blast Jet air Hand Dryer, Air Speed Fast to 99m/s Adjustable, Warm or cold air optional, touchless hygiene electric jet towel hand dryer for toilet accessories.

Advantage of blast hand dryer

1. Saving time & power: Strong wind to quickly dry the hands within 7 seconds, drying time is 1/6 to general hand dryers.

2. The hands are warmly dried by the bowing two sides, besides the water pan is received water to avoid wetting floor.

3. Novel, luxurious & natural design to meet satisfaction of human engineering rules.

4. Multifunctional protection of extremely-high temperature, extra-long time and super-high current to use safely.

5. Outstanding performance with chip control technology and infrared sensor.

6. ABS material to ensure solidity & durable

7. Suitable places: Starred hotels, high grade office buildings, restaurants, foodstuff plants, hospitals, gyms, shopping markets & airports etc


Specifications of blast hand dryer

1)  Power: AC 220V~240V, 50/60Hz

2)  Power Capacity: 1650W (650W+1000W)

3)  Air Speed: 75-100m/s adjustable

4)  Working time limit per one operation: ≤50seconds

5)  Temperature of heating air: 35°C

6)  Heating power:750W

7)  Fuse: 7.5A

8)  Fuse temperature of over heat protection: 150°C

9)  Drying time: 7-10 seconds

10) Waterproof grade: IPX4

11) Dimension: 680*270*220mm

Product Design:

We are a company that integrates innovation, design, production, sales and services. In early stage of product development, we will work closely with customers about product design. What we pursue is to offer excellent customer services in whole process of product development.

1. Product idea

2. Product definition

3. Appearance design

4. Structure design

5. Control system design

6. Whole machine system integration.

7. Test and certificate

8. Quality production

Our product ranges:

hand dryer/soap dispenser/hand sterilizer/automatic faucet/urinal flusher/bidet toilet seat/automatic toilet seat etc.


1. Are you manufacture or trading company?

-Both, we have our own factory and production lines to provide competitive products with high quality and good price. We also have professional purchaser to help you with outsourcing for the particular goods.

2. Do you accept OEM?

-Yes, welcome, we have strong support to help with as long as you provide detailed requirement and information.

3. Can you accept small order?

-Yes, in generally. We can understand that trail order is necessary for buyers to see the quality and test market.

4. What is your term of payment?

- T/T or L/C at sight.

Image of blast hand dryer 



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