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Brushless Jet Speedy 10 Seconds Drying Airflow Green Hand Dryer

Brushless Jet speedy 10 Seconds Drying airflow green Hand Dryer TH-8204

Detailed description

Brushless Jet speedy 10 Seconds Drying airflow green Hand Dryer TH-8204

Specification of airflow hand dryer TH-8204

Rated power: 1750W;

Motor Power: 750W

Power of heating element: 1000w;

Current: 8.5A

Color option: white/silver/blue/rose and any other colors do you want

Material: Strong ABS

Power: AC220V-240V 50Hz/60Hz;

Types of motor: Brushless DC Motor

Drying time: 7-9 seconds

Injection speed: 85-95m/s

Maximum airflow: 350km/h;

Safety device: overheating protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection

Terms of control: microcomputer control

ORYTH has complete production workshop ( motor workshop, cover workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop ).                       

Strictly control of production and inspecion procedures


Advantages VS. Other Factory


1. Brushless Motor , PCB ,heater element are made by ourself to ensure the high quality.

2. Each spare parts will be 100% inpsection before delivery.

3. Each dual jet hand dryer will be continuously tested by 6 hours before delivery

Images of airflow hand dryer TH-8204

Noise Reduction Technology for Hand Dryers

The nozzle and aerodynamic technology of the TH-8204 reduce operational noise by minimizing turbulence at critical points. Ideal for all toilets and especially ideal for places where comfort is more pleasant with a lower noise level.

Dry hands in seconds

TH-8204 completely dries out your hands in seconds, projecting high speeds from both sides of your hands. At the same time, the drying time is halved.

The lowest operating cost of an air dryer

Limit your costs to a minimum of TH-8204. TH-8204 offers much lower costs than conventional dryers and paper towels.


All what You Need To Know About Us

Oryth is one of the major leading producers and marketers in hand dryer industry since our foundation at year 2008, we have exported hand dryers over 30 countries, Factory has areas more than 4,800 square meters modernized workshops in High Tech industrial Zone (Xiamen, Fujian), 28 experienced staffs have monthly output more than 4, 000 pieces. The hand dryer developed by our company are sold well through wholesalers, distributors and online shops all over the world.


1. The price you pay for is not only for products, but for good services

2. Prompt reply for your inquiry

3. Take care of your order, 100% inspection before shipping out 

4. Professional services make your importation free of troubles

5. After sales services make the business easier

6. Our products have passed the ISO 9001:2000 CE, ROHS and CCC

7. We can accept both the OEM and sample order

8. All of your products have one year warranty

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