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High Efficiency Stainless Steel Brushless Dc Motor Air Hand Dryer Build In Uv And Hepa Filter

High efficiency stainless steel Brushless DC Motor air hand dryer build in UV and Hepa Filter TH-9922H

Detailed description

High efficiency stainless steel Brushless DC Motor air hand dryer build in UV and Hepa Filter TH-9922H

Specification of air hand dryer th9922h

Material Antibacterial ABS or ABS +Stainless Steel 304 front cover
Power  Supply AC110~240V 50/60Hz
Rated  Power 1000~1300w
Heating Power 550w
Motor Brushless Motor
Motor Speed 11000~22000 RMP
Standby Energy 3w
Waterproof IPX1
Air Speed 0~99m/s adjustable
Auto Running Time within 25s
Noise 60~75db
Size 67x30x22cm
Gross weight 10kgs                         

The hygienic hand dryer is 1.4 timers wider than the old type, more suits for the big hand use now.

More deeper design from 180mm to now 208mm; even children can convenience to use it.

Hygienic hand dryer with less noise than old type for 3dbs, touch free hand drying ensures complete hygiene.

It is a sign of safety, hygienic, modern and efficient. 

Features of air hand dryer th9922h

1. Hygienic: External water drain design is easy to clean water drain. reducing the potential transmission of bacteria.

2. Energy efficient: rated only 550w under not heating. Most important is temperature control system, which will adjust air or cold automatically as outer temperature changing.

3. Antibacterial: The material ABS is with antibacterial agents that prevent growth of bacteria. In addition, inserted antibacterial HEPA filter is made of carton filter, hepa filter and antibacterial filter. The efficiency is 99 %( 0.3um)

4. Safety: overheating protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection. 

We are a company that integrates innovation, design, production, sales and services. In early stage of product development, we will work closely with customers about product design. What we pursue is to offer excellent customer services in whole process of product development.

1. Product idea

2. Product definition

3. Appearance design

4. Structure design

5. Control system design

6. Whole machine system integration.

7. Test and certificate

8. Quality production

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