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High Powered Hand Dryer

High Powered Hand Dryer

Ceramic absorber three Side Speedy Jet Air high powered Hand Dryer Brush Motor Type TH9988H

Detailed description

ORYTH energy efficient high powered hand dryer

Model: TH9988H 

Motor: Brush motor,Life time:1-2 years 

Air speed:90-135m/s

Drying time: 7-10 seconds

Antibacterial ABS plastic material

Filter: Antibacterial HEPA Filter

Specification of high powered hand dryer

Automatic Touch Free, Infrared control

Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz

Dry Time: 5-10s

Air Speed: 90-135m/s

Rated Power: 1050-1450W

Motor Type: Brush

Construction: Enclosure ABS with anti bacterial additive

Color: White or metallic silver

Water ingress protection: IPX4  

Noise level: Min65db to 78db@1m

Air Filter: Washable type

Net weight: 8kg

Depth: 318mm

Size: 185mm (wide) 618mm (height)

Warranty time: Brush motor 1 year, whole machine 1 year.


Packaging of high powered hand dryer


Product certificates of high powered hand dryer


FAQ of high powered hand dryer

Problem1: No air blows even if hands are inserted.

Check – 

Do the display indicators lights up? 

Is the power switch on?

Are you putting your hands all the way in?

Action - 

Turn the ground-fault circuit breaker on.

Turn the power switch on.

Put hands all the way in.

Problem2: No hot wind

Check - 

There is a Built-in heater in the unit. Are dirty things over heating sensor?

Fuse inside terminal box blown?

Action - 

Is the ambient temperature higher than 20℃?

Switch off power, remove front cover. There is a terminal box inside. Take down the cover of terminal box inside. Take down the cover of terminal box. Check the fuse inside box which is blown or not.

Problem3: Airflow is too low?

Check - 

Is the speed button on low level?

Action - 

Put speed button on the high level.

If the above actions do not work, turn off the power and the ground-fault circuit breaker, and call your dealer to inspect and repair it if necessary.  

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