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Hygienic Hand Dryer

Hygienic hand dryer has the characteristics of high power, low noise, strong wind, easy to use, safe and reliable. It is widely used in the hotel, the restaurant, the office building, shopping center, the fitness center, the entertainment center, the airport, the station and so on.
The machine adopts infrared sensor, chip control technology; Operation is more stable, more convenient to use; High power, high heating, large air volume, dry hands is more efficient; The wind speed is moderate, using is more comfortable; Appearance is concise, ultra-thin design, especially suitable for using in the metal paper towel ark, combination cabinet, clean room.
★ Saving time & power
Strong wind to quickly dry the hands within 5-7 seconds, drying time is 1/6 to general hand dryers.
★ Dry hands warmly
The hands are warmly dried by the bowing two sides, besides the water pan is received water to avoid wetting floor.
★Novel design
Novel, luxurious & natural design to meet satisfaction of human engineering rules.
★ Safe
Multifunctional protection of high temperature, extra long time and super high current to use safely.
★Advanced technology
Outstanding performance with chip control and infrared sensor technology.
Oryth Industrial is leading hygienic hand dryer manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer you cheap price products and free samples. Welcome to get the quotation and buy hygienic hand dryer from us!
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