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Hand Dryers

Dry hand implement is a kind of clean electric equipment. It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutions, hospitals, public places of entertainment and every family bathroom. Hand dryer overcomes the shortcoming of high hand skin temperature easily, aiming to provide a cycle to much wind direction out of the hand dryer.
Modern hand dryers are advanced and ideal sanitary cleaning tools and equipment. After washing your hands, put your hands in the air outlet of the automatic hand dryer, the automatic hand dryer will automatically send out a comfortable warm wind, quickly make your hands to wet dry, and when you leave the automatic hand dryer air outlet when it automatically shut down the wind. It can achieve the requirement that does not want towel to wipe moisture on the hand and prevent disease to cross infection.
Working principle :
The working principle of the hand dryer is generally the sensor detected signal (hand), the signal to see the control to open the heating circuit relay and blowing circuit relay, start heating, blowing. When the signal detected by the sensor disappears, release the contact, the heating circuit and blower circuit relay are disconnected, and stop heating and blowing.
About us:
Oryth Industrial is leading hand dryers manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer you cheap price products and free samples. Welcome to get the quotation and buy hand dryers from us!
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