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Professional Warm World Dryer Airmax Power Hand Dryer With Rotatable Air Outlet

Professional warm world dryer airmax power hand dryer with rotatable air outlet

Detailed description

Professional Warm World Dryer Airmax Power Hand Dryer with Rotatable Air Outlet TH-250A

Stainless Steel Professional Wall Mounted power hand dryer, quick drying 30m/s air speed, speedflow world hand dryer power rated 2300w, Easy installation and maintenance, factory direct supply best price discount

Commercial high quality power hand dryer

Bathroom stainless steel hand dryer


Technical parameter of power hand dryer

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Power Supply: AC110~240V 50/60Hz

Rated Power: 2300w

Heating Power: 2100w

Motor: Brush Motor

Motor Speed: 5800 RPM

Air temperature: 45~60℃

Waterproof: IPX1

Air Speed: 31m/s

Drying time: 15~18s

Noise: 60~75db

Product size: 258x150x228mm

Carton size: 4pc per carton

Packing size: 620x310x535mm

Features of power hand dryer

1. Easy to use and health clean: Our hand dryer adopts automatic infrared sensing devices, using very convenient and effective way to reduce waste, It's hands-free for drying, It can the effective reduction pollute and prevent cross infection.

2. Material: Our hand dryer cover is made of import high quality stainless steel, artistic and durable.

3. Intelligent control, more energy efficient: Our hand dryer apply the most advanced infrared technology with chip control technology, more stable, more precise control.

4. Strong winds and quick drying: Featured with high-speed motor, can dry hands within half minutes.

5. Safety using: This series of product have over-current protection, effective way to eliminate accidents, to more effectively ensure safety.

6. Easy installation, and maintenance easy: Only expansion pipe and screw hook are needed for installation, power need to be cut off when maintenance, this product is suitable for the various departments in hospitals, schools, food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, airports, office buildings, hotels, government, agencies and other places.

Specification of power hand dryer

Power Voltage



Stainless Steel 304

Rated Power


Motor Speed


Motor Type

Carbon brush motor

Air speed


Heat Temperature



Less than 75db

Drying time


Waterproof rate




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