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Airblade Hand Dryer at Brush or Brushless Motor?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Apr 26, 2017

As we know, the most important parts in hand dryer is motor, the motor quality decided hand dryer's performance, noise level, using effects and many other elements, currently popular fast speed hand dryer usually assemble with Carbon brush motor and Brushless Direct Current Motor.

Brush motor: be widely used in electric vehicle manufacturers, it adopts brush carton as two contacts of motor power, control the performance by Speed control switch and controlled; by the function of Gear secondary relief valve and overrunning coupler, the electric vehicle can adjust the step-less driving speed at 0~20 kilometer/hours. There are many advantages for installing this brush motor: High Intensity of Reduction gear, good wearability, reasonable design and lower faulty rate, meanwhile, the cost for replacing gear and motor is cheap,

Brushless motor: more used type at Brushless no gear motor. Its speed control system has much cost than brush motor one and easy to out of order, a vehicle featured with brushless motor need running speed more than 35 Kilometer per hours so as to make the best performance, while currently in china the electric vehicle has a Rate-Limiting at speedy 20km per hour, so the brushless motor electric vehicle can not be popular right now, but one of its advantage is lower decibel level and electronic circuit reversing.

When motor on, coil and commutator revolves, while Magnet Steel and carton brush stop, direction of coil electricity changes according to communitor and carton brush, in electric vehicle industry, brush motor can be classified as high speed brush motor and low speed brush motor, there are so many differences between brush motor and brushless motor, and we know the appearance differences is that brushless motor does not need to use carbon would like to clarify what is differenences between brush and brushless motor:

1. Application

Brushless motor: be used in high demand places which has a strictly control, such as model airplane, Precision instruments which has a strictly control on the rotation speed, other high stand hand dryer manufacturers such as oratory, Dyson, venetian also use this kind of brushless motor, the motor and control system are higher in cost, and only superior machine adopts it.

Brush motor: most of power equipment use brush motor, such as hair dryer, kitchen ventilator and Ordinary hand dryers, it is universal motor can also has a high speedy air velocity, but considering carton brush consuming, it has short service times.

2. Life time

Brushless motor: useful life of tens of thousands of hours or more, while it also different at bearing used.

Brush motor: continuing service life at several hundred to one thousand more hours,. When reach to extreme level, we need change the carton brush, otherwise easy lead to wear of bearing.

3. Performance

Brushless motor: usually it is digital Inverter control, easily controlled from several RPM to ten thousands RMP per minutes, that is what oratory mainly adopted brushless controller, it is much more complicated than brush motor.

Brush motor: when machine one, brush motor runs at a constant speed, it is hard to adjust the speed,. Universal brush motor can also reach the RMP at 20000/seconds. It has a short service life and brush controller realize the function by quick jump turn function from relay.

4. Energy saving

Comparatively speaking, brushless motor uses converter technique shall be energy saving than universal brush motor.

5. After sales service

Brush motor need change the carton brush, if not promptly, the machine will be damaged, brushless motor has about 10 times life time than brush motor, but if break down, complete set of brushless motor need be replaced, but no need daily maintain on this part.

6. The decibel level doesn't refer much to brush or brushless motor; it is decided by coordinating work of bearing and internal motor components.