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Compare and see how oryth blade hand dryer TH-8204 save your cost in power consumption

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: May 27, 2017

Presume an ordinary hand dryer calculated at power rate 1800 watts / hour

Its general drying time under 40 seconds,

Every days, there are about 500 peoples would use this hand dryer

Daily consumption of electricity = 1800 watts / hour * 40 seconds * 500/3600/1000 = 10 degrees

The annual power consumption is 360 * 10 = 3600 degrees

Let us take a look at our blade jet hand dryer TH-8204:

Oryth dual sided jet hand dryer

Without the heating function only 650 watts / hour

Drying time as short as 5-6 seconds

We also presume daily users at 500  

The daily power consumption = 650 watts / hour * 6 seconds * 500/3600/1000 = 0.542 degrees

All round year consumption = 0.541 * 360 = 195 degrees

Set TH-8204 hand dryer with a heating element and see,

Heated hand dryer 1650 watts/Hour

Daily consumption = 1650 watts / hour * 6 seconds * 500/3600/1000 = 1.375 degrees

All round year consumption = 1.375 * 360 = 495 degrees

Compare with ordinary hand dryers, we get the gap at saving 3450 degree, if we are in China, the saving money can buy a new blade hand dryer TH-8204, that is the truth.

Oryth double-sided jet hand dryer has the following obvious advantages:

1.Dry hands for as long as 5-6 seconds, to help you and your customers to save valuable time!

2.The use of high-tech antibacterial retardant materials, green.

3.Unique access water device, completely avoid ground water stains pollution.

4.The use of brushless DC motor instead of the normal brush motor, greatly extend the service life!

5. Novel design, fashion, beautiful, generous.