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Dry hands to prevent the spread of germs

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

People often go to entertainment venues and restaurants have already started using dry hands, it has brought great convenience, but also to reduce the use of paper towels, to avoid the unnecessary waste. But many people still have this kind of problem, dry hands can really solve the bacteria spread problem? is it to really getour hands clean?

Although we often took the side of the towel is individually packaged, seemingly above the white tissue paper is actually has a lot of bacteria. Studies have shown that some tissues, bacteria, and even more than we do, if the paper towel hand towel, even if hands are washed very clean, still contaminated. If you eat with contaminated hands, we all can imagine the consequences.

Dry hands with no direct contact with the skin, but to use excess water on the hot-air hand "blow dry", to keep hands dry degree within a short time. So not only canavoid exposure to bacteria, can also keep your hands clean. Since they are not directly to people's hands, there will be no cross infection was even used. It is ideal for large sites using the movement of people, in ensuring the health of users at thesame time, shows responsible attitude to customers of the enterprise.

But many small workshops making products simply do not meet the national standards, poor quality materials can also produce some chemical substances harmful to the human body, this product not only fail to prevent the spread of germs, alsocausing some degree of harm to users ' health. In order to be able to provide customers with better service, it is recommended that you purchase a hand selectedbig brands such as the Voith electrical, service quality and to ensure a better quality of life.