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Dry hands with the potential relationship health

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, it is higher on health concerns. People used to wash their hands to control the spread of germs, but a lot of people tend to ignore the hand after hand washing dry step led wash effect weakens. United Kingdom, a new study shows, choose the right way to let thehands get dry to prevent residual bacteria on their hands spread and multiply. United Kingdom researchers at institutions such as the University of Bradford in the new issue of the journal of using microbial declared that hand washing is an effective method of removing bacteria, but getting rid of all the bacteria, if you then do not use the correct way to keep hands dry, residual bacteria spread continued to grow in wet conditions.

Therefore, hand drying method is right or not is also an opponent on bacteria control plays an important role. Survey, using a paper towel, using various kinds of "hand" method, use dry hands can prevent the spread of bacteria. Therefore, research on hand to meet market needs to enhance people's quality of life has a certainpositive significance. As we all know, health and environmental protection is one ofthe 21st century the subject of greatest concern. Designed to meet the market needs of environmental protection and energy saving products to improve people's quality of life is of great significance, in order that people can effectively prevent theproliferation of bacteria again after washing, we urgently need to have a humaneand intelligent thing to do, so when do we use to maintain good mood.

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