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Hand Dryer Bathroom

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Jul 24, 2018
Electric Hand Dryers

Hand dryer, mainly heating and high - speed air - drying. Heating air dryers, usually is the heating power is larger, in more than 1000 w, and the motor power is very small, less than 200 w, this hand dryer are typically high blast temperature, rely on high temperature wind, take away the water of the hands, the way to dry hands slowly, generally in more than 30 seconds, it is a little noise is small, so get the favour of need quiet space such as the office building.

High speed air hand drier, characterized by high wind speed, can reach up to 130 meters/second, the speed of dry hand is less than 10 seconds, the heating power is relatively low, only a few hundred watts, its heating function is only to maintain comfort, basically does not affect the speed of dry hand. Due to its fast dry hand speed, it has been welcomed by food factories, pharmaceutical factories, electronic factories, high-end office buildings (with good sound insulation effect) and other places. It is also recommended by environmentalists for its low energy consumption and similar to the dry hand speed of toilet paper.