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hand dryer reviews

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: May 24, 2017

Modern hand dryers are advanced and ideal home appliance which be installed in bathroom for daily use, it has different versions – manual touch hand dryer & touch free automatic hand dryer, nowadays, people much more like to use it in restaurant, scientific institute, hospital, amusement places and home.

After washing, we put our hands below air outlet of hand dryer, automatic hand dryer will blow comfortable cold or warm air, remove wet moisture and dry hands very quickly, when we withdraw hands, out of sensing distance of hand dryer, the hand dryer will turn off automatically, it is better than use towel because automatic hand dryer avoid bacterial cross infection.

Electric hand dryers do much benefits to food industry, it bring in cleaning, hygienic, safety, no pollution effects

Hand dryers are popular in the industry because of their advantage in cost savings. According to investigate from hand dryer manufacturer, hand dryer can cost as much as 99.5%, electrical hand dryer seldom require maintenance compared to paper towels, which need to replace towel every day. The additional benefit is the removal of waste paper.