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Hand dryers energy consumption, how do we calculating it?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Aug 31, 2017

Hand dryer energy consumption is varied considerably, in the market, there are many energy hungry hand dryers which are slowly and build in heat element,

Air blade jet hand dryers today have become much more energy efficient.  Some high speed models can cost as little as 18 cents to dry 1,000 pairs of hands.

In terms of energy consumption, when heat on, hand dryers generally cost about 7 cents per 200 uses, while heat off, that is 4 cents only.

Paper towel should be twice energy intensive cost than the use of hand dryers, with change generation of hand dryers, today energy efficient one use as much as 88 percent less energy than previous old models. Related studies have shown that jet hand dryer can result in 99 percent cost saving against purchasing the paper towel.

There are other efficiencies advantages from hand dryer for consideration, such as – labor, maintenance costs are reduced, less installation space requested.

Like our Air blade jet hand dryer th-8209, it offer on/off heating control switch buttons, which allow users to control flexible over energy usage.