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Hand soap dispenser with sensor soap dispenser what's the difference?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Infrared induction automatic sensor soap dispenser is a liquid machines automatically spray reaches to the lower part of the machine. The SOAP dispenser can be used in health units, laboratories, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens and other departments. It is modern life prevent cross infection and disease from hand-wash your hands into the best cleaning tools, human society is one of the mostimportant signs of progress, improving the quality of life. Compared with hand washing, sensor soap dispenser has unparalleled advantages: more affordable, improve work efficiency, non-contact hand-washing to prevent cross infection.

Sensor soap dispenser in the bathroom is a kind of sensor soap dispenser can bemounted liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, and easy to use. Sensor soap dispenser is usually placed on the edge of the wash basin. Sensor soap dispenser can effectively prevent the cross infection of the bacteria without direct contact with the hand, simply put his hand below the sensor soap dispenser, soap dispenser will automatically flow to facilitate health. 

Sensor soap dispenser applies to any public health and home use, making your life more healthy.Sensor soap dispenser environmental health, infrared sensor, contactless, hygienicand convenient, effectively preventing bacteria from the infection; completely replacing the bottles of shampoo and lotion, to solve the problem of pollution from plastic bottles. Sensor soap dispenser cheap, easy installation significantly reduces cost of consumables directly increase economic efficiency.

Hand soap dispenser with sensor soap dispenser what's the difference? Hand soap dispenser with sensor soap dispenser is a relatively common, more extensive use of bathroom supplies, used in public places (hotels, hotel, room, etc) and domestic uses, it is used in different ways.

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