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How a hand dryer works?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Nov 09, 2018
Hot Air Warm Hand Dryer

The working principle of the hand dryer is generally that the sensor detects the signal (hand), looks at the signal control, turns on the heating circuit relay and the blowing circuit relay, and starts heating and blowing. When the signal detected by the sensor disappears, the contact is released, the heating circuit and the blower circuit relay are disconnected, and the heating and blowing are stopped.

heating equipment

The heating device has a heating device, a PTC, and a heating wire.

1, no heating device, as the name suggests no heating device

Suitable for places where temperature requirements are harsh and where hand dryers are used frequently.

For example: quick-frozen vegetables, frozen dumplings packaging workshop

2, PTC heating

The PTC thermistor is heated, because the power of the PTC heating changes with the change of the ambient temperature. In winter, the PTC heating power increases, and the temperature rise of the hand dryer blows out the warm air increases, saving energy and environmental protection.

The PTC is characterized by a good temperature stability, but it also has certain disadvantages, that is, there is no heating wire temperature coming up quickly.

3, heating wire heating

The traditional electric heating wire heats up, the wind temperature rises fast, but the wind temperature is constant, the wind temperature is high, and the opponent has a burn.

The high-speed hand dryer adopts the method of heating wire plus CPU and temperature sensor control to achieve a fast and constant increase in wind temperature. Even when the wind speed is as high as 100 m/s, the hand dryer can blow a constant warm air.

Generally, the noise of the hand dryer which is mainly supplemented by the wind is relatively large, and the hot air dryer which is mainly heated is less noisy, and the enterprise can select according to its actual situation.

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