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How does hand dryers work?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Jul 04, 2018
hand dryers for bathroom

Modern hand dryers are an advanced and ideal sanitary cleaner and equipment. After washing hands, arms stretched under the outlet of automatic hand dryer, automatic hand dryer will automatically send a comfortable warm wind, quickly make your hands wet to dry, and when you handle it when you leave the automatic hand dryer tuyere and automatically stop the wind to turn it off. Can reach the requirement that does not towel dry hand moisture and prevent disease cross infection. Automatic induction high-speed dry mobile phone is an advanced and ideal sanitary equipment for food production enterprises, which can bring clean, hygienic, safe and pollution-free dry hand effect. After washing hands, arms stretched under the outlet of automatic induction high speed dry cell phone, automatic dry cell phone will automatically send the warm wind, quickly will quickly become dry hands, when hand left hand dryer tuyere, automatic stop working, and achieve rapid dry hand and prevent bacterial cross-infection hygienic requirements.