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How to choose a hand dryer?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Buy the hand dryers guide:

Don't just look at the price of hand dryer when buying a high-speed hand dryer with automatic sensing. Some hand dryers are cheap on their own,but power consumption is difficult to control.try as much as possible before buying, many small hand dryer manufacturers use low-quality materials to make hand dryers, shell deformation occurs after continuous use for a long time, there are serious fire hazards.

1, shell, shell material not only determine the appearance of hand dryers, unqualified materials may become a fire hazard, good hand dryer,shell usually adopt stainless steel, stainless steel spray paint, engineering plastic (abs).

2. Weight: To consider whether or not the installation position and material have enough ability to bear the weight of automatic hand dryer, such as: Concrete block wall generally can not consider the weight problem, but if it is the color steel plate, the material such as gypsum board will consider the bearing capacity, choi steel usually listen to choi steel manufacturers, or hand dryer manufacturers to provide test data for reference.

Automatic hand dryers

3. Starting principle: Manual timing switch, infrared induction and optical blocking induction. The latter two are non-contact induction modes.

4. Installation method: Bracket installation, wall-mounted installation, and directly placed on the desktop can be used.

5. Working noise: The smaller the better under conditions that can meet the dry hand speed.

6. Operating power: Under conditions that can meet the dry hand speed and keep comfortable, the lower the better.

7. Dry hands: The shorter the better, preferably within 10 seconds (about the same time as using toilet paper).

8. Standby current: The smaller the better.

9. Air temperature: It is usually appropriate to choose a hand dryer with the air temperature between 35 degrees celsius and 45 degrees celsius.