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Increasing Demand for Hand Dryer

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Feb 10, 2017

Prospects for automatic hand dryers market thus seems grow quickly, as people around the world has more demand for better washroom hygiene.

Manufacturers take advantage of new technologies to introduce more efficient & eco friendly hand dryers, fit and compatible with new environment requirement. The improvement of drying techniques helps manufacturers to bring in lower decibel hand dryers. The energy consumption is minimal and the maintenance cost goes down significant, which are key factors that push their sales worldwide.

As per Transparency Market Research (TMR) analysis, the global hand dryers market is increase at 12.3% CAGR between 2015 and 2023. However, recent economic slowdown has put sellers of electric hand dryers under much pressure. The subsequent reduction in costs resulted in an increase in the installation hand dryer rest rooms. As organizations begin to realize that touch free hand dryers are cheaper in the long-term use rather than paper towels, sales of the former will surge exponentially in response.

Regionally, sales of hand dryers in Europe reached highest in 2014. The region has held 37.1% of the global hand dryers during the year. The growing demand for economic, eco friendly automatic sensor hand dryers in public and private institutions will enforce the market in the region. North America in the same year has emerged as the second largest regional hand dryer market.

In Europe, , , ,and U.K are identified to show the fast growing opportunities for the sale of towels. As per TMR, the hand dryers market in Europe is expected to reach US$500 million by 2023, from US$184.4 million in 2014. The regional market is expected to get a CAGR of 11.9% during this period.

By application, foods industries (processing and services segment) seem dominate the market in 2014. TMR expects within forecast period, application of hand dryers in food segment will grow rapidly. With the growing number of restaurants and the increasing hygiene awareness, demand for hand dryers from the food and catering industry is expected to increase in the coming years. worldwide hotels is the second largest segment of electrical hand dryers market in 2014.

Compare with hot air dryers and jet air hand dryer, the market has seen increasing demand for later. According to the TMR analysis, the jet air blade hand dryer has a dominant share of 59.4% in the global market. People are more like to use jet hand dryer when their visits to airports, five start hotels and luxury restaurants. The jet hand dryer has advanced design, which allowed them to overcome the defects common against traditional hand dryer. The contemporary design and the adoption of new technologies should lead jet air hand driers to obtain a competitive market share. Hot air dryers take longer time in drying hands than jet hand dryer, they are prefer installed in schools, universities and shopping centers.

Emerging economies like , ,and , Asia Pacific and the rest of the world has more attractive opportunities for the sale of hand dryers. The growing number of hotels and offices in these regions makes them more profitable for the hand dryer installation.