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Keep your hands dry at any size

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Feb 16, 2017

For most people, using a public bathroom is a no-brainer. You go in, do your business and then wash and dry your hands and leave. We don’t think of it being a difficult task for the most part. However, not everyone has the ability to just walk in and walk out easily. Some folks have to think about accessibility features of the bathroom, or height limitations which can make the task a bit more difficult.

One designer has thought about the difficulties that some people do have when faced with washing then needing to dry their hands. Hyunsu Park, an Industrial Designer fromhas come up with an idea that can make the task of drying hands universally easy. The Universal Hand Dryer is the answer.

The way the dryer works, is that it has both the Up mode and the Down mode. Smaller people, children and those in wheelchairs can use the Down mode, while others can use the Up mode. The Dryer detects where the persons hand is positioned and releases the air to dry them. What a brilliant idea that fits everyones needs – stylish too!