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Maintenance of hand dryers

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Aug 31, 2017

Maintenance of hand dryers

There are many different types of hand dryer in the market require different type of maintenance, for example, some hand dryers just need wiping the dryer with water and soft towel, some hand dryers require additional maintenance, such as clean its air filter, vacuum inside component, drop off & clean water collection units, those can be regarded as part of standard restroom cleaning routes. Before your purchasing of any hand dryer, oryth industrial suggest your check of hand dryer user guider first to ensure the maintenance can be achieved or suit their environment.

Apart from maintaining hand dryer itself, we must also look into wall, floor surrounding the hand dryer; they need to be protected, cleaned and maintained too.

You can do the basic cleaning accords to normal washroom cleaning and sanitation practices. Air filter is suggested to clean or replace every three to six months,

Routing inspection is also recommended once every 12 months for light to medium duty washroom traffic rate, inspection every 6 months is ideal for hand dryers in restrooms with heavy traffic; if there is built-in HEPA filters, it should be inspected or replaced at same frequency.