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Protect your hands from the start

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Female friends, not just regular facials, hand care is important, but hand care notwait to hand dry nurse, in daily life, of every good habit, is capable of giving the body a definite advantage. Protection of the hands, not just hydrating whitening, weshould start from the normal, protect your hands, start off with dry start. Hand is the hand way.

First, the hand dryer drying moisture in the hands of time. When washing is completed, manpower on residual moisture easily, drilling pores, residue moisture. Hands need to dry at this time, instead of allowing water to enter the pores. Especiallyin winter, wet hand cases, girls had easy cold Constitution will promote the growthof frostbite, for female beauty, this is a big headache problem.

Second, the hand can make the hand without the loss of moisture, moisture better.You will find that washing is completed, if any hands dry naturally, hands is likely tostrain after dry, serious, or even cracking. When the dry lips, licked his lips with his tongue will make the lips drier a truth. Just in time to remove excess moisture, andloss of moisture can make the skin does not follow, this work more effective than later for moisturization.

Third, the hand dryer than other hands more sanitary. Women have the habit of makeup, if you simply use a paper towel to wipe the hands easily left the Cabinet, and the repetitive use of towels can easily be contaminated, faced with this situation,at this time for makeup, easy to make contamination of cosmetics, so as to have anegative impact on the skin. Dry hands with no direct contact with the skin, the useof more health.