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Benefits for supplying hand dryers by rental or leasing agreement

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

People who do not know if renting or hand dryer leasing is right for you,

Oryth lists some of the suggestions below for reference,

1. Acquisition of hand dryers quickly

2. Funding for other projects

3. No installation cost

4. No worries about maintenance or failure.

And finally our thought is…. they can actually do it for free!

If you have an existing washroom which uses paper towels, replacing the use of these with a leased hand dryer can usually be done at less than cost you have been spending on paper towels, so you will actually experience a drop in your monthly bills, but have brand new, efficient hand dryers

If you are interested in discussing renting hand dryers, please contact us at and please take advantage of a great deal on offer at oryth now.