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Sensor hand dryers an environmental friendly bathroom essential

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Feb 12, 2017

At year 1847, Hungarian doctor Ignaz Philippe Semmelweis has discovered that simple method of hand washing/disinfection can reduce the instances of puerperal fever drastically.

Today, hygiene and hand washing get more important in health & aged care sector, where overlooking basic hand washing and drying can bring negative impact of patient or occupant health significantly.

This is supported by studies from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the Mayo Clinic which suggests the spread of bacteria was more likely in instances of washed but wet hands.

Hand dryer manufacturer Dyson also support these studies by claiming that drying hands is as important as washing, as damp hands can spread up to 1000 times more bacteria to the surfaces they touch.

There are not many researches on the benefits of hand drying, but it is important to note that all methods of hand drying are the same for efficiency and environmental impact. High speed electronic hand dryers are currently considered and thought to be more “green” for the environment compared to the process of the paper towel's life cycle.

Many electric hand dryers like oryth model th-9988h has features like high speed airflow, energy saving heating element and smart motor control design.