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SOAP dispenser the correct installation described

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

SOAP dispenser installation method:

1. Select the appropriate location, impact drilling in concrete walls drill a base hole, mount the rubber stopper. Then metal fixed to the wall with screws.

2. Control box with screws to a metal frame, and the SOAP dispenser box placed on a metal frame. (Note: make sure that the SOAP dispenser nozzle perpendicular to the bottom of the metal frame distance so that no liquid)In table 

3. Choose a suitable position, playing a 25mm diameter hole, and then tapmount nut fastening. (Note: the distance between the sensor soap dispenser with the faucet to prevent failure; a round hole Center distance of the edge of the sink to ensure that residues of soap dispenser can drop into the tank)

4. First attach the clamp to lose on the SOAP dispenser tube, and put away the SOAP dispenser tube connector link to the faucet on the catheter, then clamp clamp.

5. Gear pumps, motors, wiring, sensor cable, power cord, linked to the control boxas shown. Link sensors cables, fastening nut.

6. Check the power supply plug, the adapter plug is fully inserted into the power outlet.

7. Enter soap dispenser tube is a full link check and fastening.

8. Please check this round of pumps, motors, wires and sensor head cables are completely linked, fastening.

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