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UV sterilizer light or illuminated blue led light in hand dryer?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Feb 23, 2017

Recently, more and more hand dryers are equipped and build in led light underside hand dryer bottom which can illuminate when drying hands.

The suppliers who have such automatic hand dryers includes vent-axia, ATC, cannon hygiene, biodriers….and several others.

People are always to ask what is it there for? If that is an anti-bacterial type of UV light, or a light to indicate if motor runs well or something to show coolness as pretty modern technology hand dryer they are using..

Well the truth is none of those things at all, although suppose you would argue that having such blue led light does bring a bit of funkiness to dryer, the answer is easy really, the blue light is there to show us right position of drying zone, the right place to rub and clean our damp hands together.

It is common knows that the best place to dry hands will be underneath air outlet of a fast jet hand dryer, but just in case anyone who is little unclear, the blue led light will guide you there.

Would it be better to change such of blue led light into functional UV sterilizing light, which can help us to reduce the risky of cross infection during drying hands? ORYTH blade jet hand dryers model th-8204, th-9922h and th-9966h has such function, it can work very efficient to kill bacterial nearby our hands,

Do you prefer illuminated blue led light or UV sterilizer blue light? Welcome to communicate with us at email