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Where are the advantages of automatic hand dryers?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

We know that hand dryers have manual and automatic, both of these products arevery common in the market. Then customers may be confused, which in the end aproduct more practical? automatic hand dryers is that where? this description is simple and everyone here:

First of all, automation more efficient. As with all automatic equipment, automationof the hand itself functions to add a big stack. Automation make the machine runmore efficient, eliminating the need for manual trouble. Disadvantages of manual is when people wash their hands after, requires a certain degree of contact, in themidst of this contact, will most likely contact with the bacteria.

Secondly, more power. Automatic hand dryer running when people close to by induction, when the set time or people go away, it will automatically shut off, so efficient at the same time, does not cause too much wasted power. And, compared withproducts manually, its power-saving at the same time, is a manifestation of environmental protection, is not stopping at the power stage. In today's environmentallyconscious society, such products are more popular.

Finally, life is more longer. Reducing direct contacts will naturally extend machine life and machine automation, good protection problems that may occur in the operation of the machine itself, the ability to stop before the dangerous values. Of course, this production brand is closely related with the hand, if you choose to unqualified manufacturers of substandard, its quality can not be guaranteed, let alone whether to prolong its life. Therefore, the quality of the product itself are more important, quality of life, customers prior to purchase, you should understand clearly related to market conditions and then to make a purchase.