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Who are top ten quietest hand dryers at United Kingdom?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Mar 30, 2017

Who are top ten quietest hand dryers?  

Noise is defined as unwanted sound. A sound might be unwanted because it is loud, distracting, or annoying. High speed hand dryers which to be installed in public washroom will be trouble for many small children to use, it produces high level decibel noise which make people fell terrifying and get a distressing experience in fast drying purpose, even adult people with stronger sound to tolerance dislike roaring hand dryers which are very uncomfortable to bear.

Quiet Mark UK test acoustic performance among a range of hand dryers, like hot air hand dryer, high speed cold air hand dryer, U-shaped jet airblade hand dryers, and recommend top ten list of only quietest, high performance hand dryers below,

1.Airdri Quest & Quazar

2.Intelligent Dryflow Elite & Elite MK II

3.Dyson Airblade V

4.Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel

5.Airdri Quartz & Quad

6.Handy Dryers Dillo

7.Intelligent Eco Force

8.Cannon Hygiene Air Rapide & Air Jet

9.Handy Dryers Gorillo Ultra

10.Intelligent Jet Force & Stealthforce

Reducing hand dryer noise is a high demand on the washroom agenda; Quiet Mark is helping them to make right decision by adding the hand dryer category to its rigorous testing program.

As one of major china hand dryer manufacturer, oryth industrial produce and export some models hand dryers to above top ten hand dryer sellers inand our jet hand dryers can be highly recommended with very lower decibel level in performance, we welcome your inquiry for any project or retailer demand, visit us today at