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Why hand dryer stop around half minutes by itself

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: May 27, 2017

Home appliance usually has two different working mechanisms - continuous duty and short-time duty, Oryth hand dryer adopts the design of short time duty. Hand dryer takes us very short time to dry wet hands, one side, this design can save the machine material, a short time duty design keep us saving material of copper wire and coiled silicone steel sheet, in the other side, it save electricity. When put our hands underneath the air outlet of hand dryer, inside sensor system or electromagnetic induction system connect the power supply, motor blow out wind heated from wire or PTC, it promise us dry our hands quickly. While when we put away our hands from air outlet, preset time system automatically stop the running of machine. In case hands can not be dried within first cycle (general 30 seconds), you can easily put the hands into air outlet again. When we meet the situation of machine out of power, the reason is that thermostatic protector from motor stop the power connection, you just need to wait for a moment and machine will recover very soon.