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Working principle of hand dryer

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: May 27, 2017

Working principle of hand dryer

Infrared Reflectance 

Transmitter delivery the signals, when hands locate at certain distance under hand dryer, transmit be reflected and received by transmitter, the hand dryer starts working, in the opposite, when we draw back the hands, there is no block on signal from transmitter end, hand dryer stop to work.The advantage of this infrared reflectance technology is that hand dryer is not easily effected by nearby fluctuation current, but easy to be effected by strong light, nowadays, most of the hand dryer adopt this sensing Principe, major suppliers are Panasonic, oryth, chimeida etc.

Electromagnetic induction

Conductive objects create the micro electric when moving around inductance coil; it bring back weak current, once receipt the signal of stimulate micro electric current, hand dryer start to run within preset timer. This principle at advantage of anti-interference but disadvantage when surrounded currently changeable frequently, also there is not allowed to use other hand dryers in the same electrical line; otherwise, they must be mutual affect and confuse in running.In the market, you can find suppliers German Power, MEILUO who produce this kind hand dryer.