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About Hand Dryer Hand Dryer

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Heating and high-speed wind-dried

Heating mainly of dry hand device, usually is heating power compared big, in 1000W above, and motor power is small, only not to 200W, this dry hand device of typical features is wind temperature is high, relies on compared high temperature degrees of wind, put hand Shang of water away, this way dry hand compared slow, General in 30 seconds above, its advantages is noise small, so by has Office, need quiet space of favored.

High speed air hand dryer, is characterized by very high wind speed, up to 130m/s or more, hand speed in less than 10 seconds, the heating power is relatively low, only hundreds of Watts, the heating function is only to maintain comfort, does not affect the rate of drying. Because the hand speed, food plants, pharmaceuticalplants, electronics factory, high-end office space (sound effects), and other placesof welcome, also because of the low energy consumption, and paper towels, handspeed, recommended by environmentalists.