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About SOAP Dispenser Troubleshooting

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

If idle has a time SOAP liquid device in May will condensation some SOAP liquid, if SOAP liquid of volume less to warm water stirred can, such do can makes SOAP liquid restore into liquid, if above method not feasible, on put condensation of SOAP liquid removed, again joined warm water, times using SOAP liquid device, until warm water from SOAP liquid device midstream dry, such on can cleaning whole SOAP liquid device.

Please note that liquid soap in the dust and impurities can clog the liquid outlet, if you notice the bottle of liquid soap has gone bad, replace the SOAP dispenser.

If the SOAP is too thick may cause the SOAP dispenser is not liquid, in order to dilute the liquid soap into the water and stir less can be used.

When using for the first time, to join the vacuum line out of the water, joining the SOAP, when using the product for the first time in the bottle and may contain someof the clear water pump head, this is not a problem of the quality of the product but left behind by products manufactured prior to testing.

With the perfection of technologies of soap dispensers, soap dispenser that appears on the market, the reasonable capacity, able to make rational use of SOAP within the warranty period. Avoid appeal adverse occurrences.