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Analysis On Common Faults And Maintenance Of Hand

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Dec 03, 2016

Symptom 1: hands into hot air outlet, no hot air blows out only cold air blows out.

Analysis of maintenance: real draw circuit as shown in Figure 1. There is cold air blowing out, explains hair dryer motors work, infrared detection and control circuit.Only cold air, indicating heater open circuit or loose wiring. Check heater wiring isloose. After reconnection, hot air blowing out, and troubleshooting.

Symptom 2: power-on. Hands not on the hot air outlet. Blow out hot air that is out of control.

Analysis of maintenance: after investigation, Silicon controlled no breakdown, suspected optocoupler ③, ④ photodiodes Creepage breakdown within the foot. Afteryou replace the optocoupler, return to normal work, troubleshooting.

Symptom 3: hand into the hot air outlet, no hot air blowing out.

Analysis maintenance: check wind machine and the heater normal, measuring SCR gate no triggered voltage, measuring control transistor VI of c very has rectangle wave signal output, suspected is photoelectric coupled device bad e, with multimeter Rxl0 block measuring photoelectric coupled device ③, and II feet between of are, and reverse resistance are for infinite big, normal Shi are to resistance should number m, reverse resistance for infinite big, judge is internal photosensitive tube open, led to can control silicon gate have not to triggered voltage and cannot guide pass. After you replace the optocoupler, troubleshooting.