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Internal Details Of Hot Sales Blade Hand Dryer ORYTH Th-9922h

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Apr 27, 2017

Internal details of blade hand dryer oryth th-9922h

1) When we remove the front panel: Our new blade has a neat wiring, all components are modularized, and that is easy for replacement and after sales service.


2) PTC displace conventional heating wire for warming, not only good at preventing fire but also energy saving and safety,


Meanwhile we have the double protections on PTC:

a) Thermal protector: control and monitor nearby temperature of PTC, if the part with higher temperature than 88 degrees, thermal protector automatically short circuit and machine power off.

b) Thermal Fusing: protecting temperature below than 175 degree, when hand dryer’s temperature higher than 175 centigrade, the thermal fusing cut off.


3) Mounting bracket of PTC adopts the material of PPS, Thermal resistance at 280 centigrade.


4) Mounting bracket of motor adopts the material of PBT, Thermal resistance at 220 centigrade;