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The ORYTH Compact Hand Dryer TH-1000 - Don't Touch Anything

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Feb 15, 2017

People knows that germs, as an incessantly force which are a necessary part of our life and also a microbial enemy which can end us, but if we are too afraid of touching germs, live in a aseptic environment without no contact with other people, germs will more likely to kill you, it is a health balance between living hygienically and over exposing one selves to warriors of death.

We relieve and cleanse ourselves in bathroom make this area as a potential breeding ground for bacterial and germs, hand towel is common choose in this area at home, but this towel absorb many germs than wiped or escaped after washing your hands, and breed its colony anew. ORYTH compact touchless efficient hand dryer TH-1000 for home will be a good choice for your replace of dirty towel,

This is an economic home bathroom use small hand dryer, with common purchasing price less than USD 80 ~100 at different shops, it has low power voltage 1800w, blowing air speed at 15m/s, temperature 35-45°C and will automatically shut off after a minute, welcome to contact us for more advanced hand dryers at, www.