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Why We Need Hand Dryer At Quicker Dry Times?

Oryth Industrial China Limited | Updated: Aug 31, 2017

People may thought hand dryers take long time to dry hands complete and can not get the job done, but some dryers do dry hands in 10 to 12 seconds. Strong powered hand dryer are more effective and efficient when consider energy perspective, from another point, hand dryer can keep way the paper towel mess and frequently to refill power tower holder. A stainless steel front cover hand dryer also can reduce restroom vandalism.

High speed hand dryer makes hands being dried more quickly. Therefore, users only use hand dryer for a shorter period of time, reducing amount of energy per use, it is great effort to save cost in their bathrooms.

Quickly drying means there will have less congestion in bathroom, It improves energy efficiency by reducing unit running time each use, public facility manager no longer need to check and make sure there is enough amount of papwer towel available and same time less waste to dispose of.