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Industrial Wall Mounted Automatic Soap Foam Dispenser

Industrial Wall Mounted Automatic Soap Foam Dispenser

Industrial Wall Mounted Automatic Soap Foam Dispenser

Detailed description

Industrial Wall Mounted Automatic Soap Foam Dispenser TH-2086

2000ml Stainless Steel Automatic wall soap dispenser

Item Number: TH2086

Product Name: Automatic Hand Sterilizer

Power Voltage: AC110V/220-240V/50-60HZ

Size of Product: 220x185x380(mm)

Spray volume per second: 0.6-0.8 ml/s

Capacity: 2000 CC

Sanitizer: Suit for liquid

Standby energy: less than 25W

Induction distance: 8-13 cm

Material: 304# Stainless Steel

Thickness is 0.8-1.0mm

Packing: Brown Carton

Color: Polished

Feature of wall soap dispenser

With dust-proof design, according with GMP standard

Infrared sensor control

Disinfection operation is simple and avoids cross infection

Apparent fashionable of Europe and America

Completely atomization, can save disinfectant and disinfecting time

Replaceable nozzle design and quickly solution to nozzle clogging

Full and less disinfectant warming

Adapts to special disinfectant for hand and skin or 75% alcohol

Extended product lifespan

Usage of wall soap dispenser

1) Spray method: Infrared Sensor control

2) Full liquid warning: Beep

3) Less liquid warning: Light flashing

Applications of wall soap dispenser

1. Schools

2. Hospitals

3. Airports

4. Service stations

5. Correctional facilities

6. Restaurants

7. Stadiums

8. Movie theaters

9. Health clubs

10. Office buildings

11. Factories

12. Hotels

Specifications of wall soap dispenser



Stand by energy

Less than 25w

Working Temperature

5~40 degrees


Stainless Steel 304

Spray volume

0.6~0.8ml per second

Induction distance




Net/Gross weight



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